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Thriller | English | 90 minutes


GFM Films

Cast & Crew


Leigh Marling


Rory Rooney


Alexander Dreymon, Maite Perroni


Billy Shannon is a hardened Philadelphia criminal and war veteran
who finds himself banished to a corrupt Mexican tourist town when
a job goes tragically wrong. Marooned in a soulless holiday resort &
reduced to pushing paperwork for his Philadelphia crime syndicate’s
corrupt property deals, Billy has reached a dead end. But then he
meets Ana, a beautiful local woman who has been dealt a rough
hand in life and is trying to escape her past life of vice.
Ana is no angel, but her sole aim is to get clean and free herself
from her brutal oppressors, so that she can adopt her late brother’s
daughter and become a respectable mother. Desperate to succeed,
Ana begs Billy for help and despite his initial reservations, something
about her story touches a nerve and Billy becomes inspired by her
quest. Using underhand means, he coerces the syndicate’s lawyer
into representing her case, finds himself drawn deeper into her
affairs and becomes increasingly infatuated by her.
When things go drastically wrong & all looks lost, circumstances
build to a bloody finale. Billy finds himself on a collision course with
the local forces of corruption, his self-serving crime boss brother,
and the syndicate who will stop at nothing to protect their interests.
Driven on by an overwhelming yearning for redemption, Billy sets
reason aside and fights to release Ana, fulfil her dream and redeem
his own haunted soul.

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