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Knitting Out

Knitting Out

Horror | English | 90 minutes


Tyrant Films


Tullah (Tallulah) a socially awkward but talented weaver, descends into obsession and depravity after losing her virginity to a detached man. While believing she has the virginity curse like her family, Tullah tries to tie up love through her tapestries using the blood and skin of all her previous relationships to improve the next one.

Tullah grew up as a lonely child in a small village in the middle of nowhere, with almost no friends apart from a creepy doll and a strange mother, ABIGAIL, who isolated her from society. After Abigail's death, Tullah starts going out with JOHN, a long-haired heavy metal guy with a fear of commitment. When losing her virginity to John, Tullah's obsession increases leading to the drastic end of the relationship, which then leads to another failed relationship, this time with a woman, who uncovers Tullah's darkest family secrets. Believing that she can tie up love through tapestries, Tullah The consumption of drugs, along with the fear of abandonment, and the belief of being cursed awakes paranormal forces that shape her life forever, threaten everybody around her.

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