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Action/Adventure, Animation, Family | English | 98 minutes


Spotlight Pictures

Cast & Crew


Haipeng SUN




Super Bao dreams of becoming a great hero like his ancestor, and to in order to realize this dream, he resolves to join an anti-piracy navy fleet which is about to set out on a mission. However, as an ignorant teenager with quite ordinary martial arts skills, Super Bao finds he is not qualified to sail on board a warship. Instead he has to board a transport ship called The Steamer and puts out to the sea.
The vast fleet sets out on its voyage. Super Bao still yearns to serve on a warship, but soon he finds that the convoy The Steamer belongs to has strayed from the main fleet.
It turns out that the convoy is trying to find the “Five-Flavor Stone”, a magical item which contains Nvwa’s extraordinary creating power. This is in fact the real goal of the fleet. Unexpectedly,the Pirate King sees through the plan and launches a surprise attack against the convoy under the cover of a storm.
All the ships are destroyed except for The Steamer. The pirates board The Steamer and capture its crew. During the fight, Super Bao and Salmon, a warrior hired by the pirates, both fall into the sea. When they re-surface, The Steamer has disappeared without trace.
Together, Super Bao and Salmon embark on a search for The Steamer. As Salmon’s captive, Super Bao constantly tries to escape, but nevertheless must rely on his enemy’s tracking skills. Meanwhile, Salmon must take Super Bao back to his master to complete his task. They are for the present bound together by the rope of fate.
Super Bao wants to save his friends, while Salmon has to obey his master’s orders, though he still honors the warrior code. Despite their personalities and positions being poles apart, the two enemies must work together to deal with the numerous dangers and difficulties they face.
From reluctantly accepting the other to actively cooperating with each other, Super Bao and Salmon gradually reach a mutual understanding and grow together. Finally, they find the right path to become heroes.
In the meantime, the Pirate King reveals his evil scheme: he seeks to take advantage of the Five-Flavor Stone’s power to fill the world with salt, so that all foods can be pickled as he wishes.
When the pirates are only a step away from achieving their diabolical plan, Super Bao catches up with The Steamer. But the cruel Pirate King once again destroys his dream of saving the world and Super Bao finds himself on the verge of death.
At this moment, Salmon, an unexpected friend of Super Bao, boldly steps forward…

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