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Kung Fu League

Kung Fu League

Action/Adventure, Comedy | Mandarin | 106 minutes


Jetsen Huashi Wangju

Cast & Crew


Jeffrey Lau


Chunshu Yin


Jeffrey Lau


Wenzhuo Zhao


Young cartoonist Fei Yingxiong is depressed because of the suppression by his boss Zhang Peng, who and Zhang Peng both have a crush on the same girl in the company, Wang Bao’er.

By chance, the four martial masters Wong Fei-hung, Fearless, Chenzhen and IP Man of his writing comic “Gong Fu Lian Meng” are called to travel to the modern time and these four martial hero can only find Fei Yingxiong and help him to pursue Bao’er that could return to their respective eras.

In order to help Fei Yingxiong, the four masters take part in a kung fu friendship contest held by Zhang Peng. During the contest, Zhang Peng learns his lesson, and the four uncover the birth secret of Zhang Peng and Fei Yingxiong. Fei finally gets the girl, and the masters all returns to their eras.

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