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The Foam of Days

The Foam of Days

Alternate Titles: La Espuma De Los Dias

Drama | Spanish | 108 minutes


Vedado Films

Cast & Crew


Fernando Timossi


Gabriel Beristain, Adriana Moya, Joel Ortega


Fernando Timossi


Frank Egusquiza, Lieter Ledesma, Gaston Pauls, Hugo Reyes


Four lifelong friends, accurately described by their nicknames: ‘Mr. Elegant’, ‘Brutus’, ‘Philo' (Philosopher), and last but not least, protected and ostracized at the same time as ‘smack’ at the centre of their friendship: ‘Nutty’, as the name suggests, the group’s harmless yet truly demented resident- person of the neighbourhood.

A quartered quartet or a frayed foursome if you will, these lads have been best friends since childhood. Their friendship had already endured the stress of bending to breaking point by tragedy and time… Creating an unusually strong bond between them… One that comes from being a true local of Casablanca – their neighbourhood across the bay from Old Havana.

Mr. Elegant, 30, had in fact served time in prison after defending ‘Little Loco’ in a bar brawl that had gone south pronto, and which unfortunately ended up with him involved in the manslaughter of a felon. Now that Mr. Elegant has been released from jail, the dead felon’s older sibling is looking to quench his seven year thirst for revenge…

Rejected and mistreated by his stepmother and her lover, and manipulated by Mr. Elegant ́s enemy to carry out his revenge, ‘Little Loco’ is as equal parts ‘mad’ as he is ‘naïve’.. After ‘Little Loco’ was forbidden to join the group outings by his friends when they, on account of his being slightly raving mad…

On the occasion of Little Loco’s birthday, the group decides to take ‘Little Loco’ out for his birthday, to celebrate him central as part of an outing, even if just for once.

However it’s not long before ‘Loco’ gets in trouble, and Mr. Elegant is once again forced to come out in his defence, only this time unleashing a ̈vendetta ̈ they’ll have to face up to once and for all.

Violence and humour combine with discovery and redemption along the journey and in their quest to find the woman Mr. Elegant had met just days before going to Jail.. A brief encounter that marked him forever. Today, a year after being released from jail, her memory remains as fresh as the leaves graffiti messages he leaves for her all over Havana…

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