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Leaving the Nest

Leaving the Nest

Animation, Family | English, French | 85 minutes


Pink Parrot Media


The year is 1889. Chloé and her father Max both share a crazy dream: to fly free as a bird! They head to Paris
to enter the first INTERNATIONAL FLYING MAN CONTEST, where contestants will jump from the all-new Eiffel
Tower built for the Universal Exposition! Competition is rapidly growing. More and more eccentric Flying Men start
converging from the four corners of the world. Chloé and her farther are going to face a fierce competition but
Max is starting to have serious doubts. He will never be able to jump! Discovering that her father is only human,
Chloé is going to have to grow up fast. The time has come for her to leave the nest, make the dream of flying her
own…and make it come true!

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