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Lisl and the Lorlok

Lisl and the Lorlok

Family | English | 90 minutes


Wonderphil Entertainment (USA)

Cast & Crew


Ignatius Fischer


Brian Dillon, Ignatius Fischer


Brian Dillon, Ignatius Fischer


Kimberly Parmon, Katerina Fischer



Lisl Pratt is ten years old. Her mother, Mischa, is a nurse, putting off a career in photography to cover the family’s bills while her father, Harrison, the famous author, deals with writer’s block. When her adventurer Granddad dies mysteriously, Lisl and her parents travel to the old family estate to take care of Grandma. Lisl soon encounters a frightening creature, but is certain the adults won’t believe her. Eventually Lisl suspects Grandad might even be haunting the house. As the adults begin to withdraw into their own worlds, leaving Lisl to fend for herself, the little girl dons her grandfather’s adventure gear and sets out to track down the monster on her own. When she discovers what the creature is doing to her family, she must figure out how to save them and battle the Lorlok once and for all.

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