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Lost in Tuscany

Lost in Tuscany

Comedy | English, Italian


Latin American Training Center

Cast & Crew


John Wager


Vanessa McMahon


John Wager, Billy Mernit


Three vacationing American friends who are about to turn 40 end up in a tiny village in Tuscany with no phones, no money and no passports… and learn that this hardship is actually their path to happiness.

Three best friends since high school who are all turning 40 go on a long-awaited vacation to Tuscany: the recently traumatized love-torn protagonist Sam, the trust-fund baby and womanizing Benny, and the hyper-controlling research marketer Carl. No sooner do they arrive in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany than thieves rob them, leaving them marooned in Santa Alisa, a tiny Tuscan walled hill town. Due to a storm, all communication with the outside world is disrupted, and they’re stranded with no phones, no money and no passports.

Through many humorous adventures, trials and tribulations – including the discovery of what may prove to be a lost Da Vinci sketch – they end up becoming part of the fabric of this Italian community, full of charming but quirky residents. Ultimately each American learns in his own unique way that such adversity can actually be a path to happiness.

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