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Love In A Bottle

Love In A Bottle

Romantic Comedy | English | 80 minutes



Cast & Crew


Paula Van Der Oest


Hannah HOEKSTRA, James Krishna Floyd



Lucky and Miles cross briefly at an Italian airport, hurrying back home to their respective countries, COVID-19 has just hit. They’ll like to linger, but the flights are being called. Back home, Miles gets a video call and stares surprised into Lucky’s eyes. How can it be? Easy: she’s stolen his suitcase label.

Does love at first sight exist? How do you know who is ‘the one‘? You talk, check musical tastes, favorite books, movies, food, political tendencies, philosophy of life. You try to disagree, look at each other a lot, you dance, you laugh, you probably touch each other, eventually… you make love.
But what if you are forced into a social distancing and how far can your feelings and desires melt with your imagination?

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