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Love The Way You Lie

Love The Way You Lie

Romantic Comedy | Filipino | 120 minutes


Viva Communications, Inc.

Cast & Crew


RC Delos Reyes


Xian Lim, Alex Gonzaga, Kylie Verzosa



With all the colorful wild urban jungle vibes of the historic city of Manila, jane-of-all-trade bubbly vendor Stacey Likauko (Alex Gonzaga) has never felt so stuck in her life. Being the breadwinner of their family all her life, she longs to have more well-to-do life she can call her own.

Then Stacey meets dapper IT executive Nathan Torres (Xian Lim). Just as when she starts to get attracted to him, she encounters a very peculiar phenomenon – she, and only she, can hear the voice of Nathan’s deceased wife Sara (Kylie Versoza). Upon learning that this sassy lady who has been badgering him can be his bridge to his wife, Nathan asks Stacey to be with him always as he relives in Manila his love with Sara through her. Stacey agrees and decides that she will latently use this opportunity to push Nathan to move on from his deceased wife – so she can have him.

With Sara’s help, Stacey and Nathan go through the key places in Manila that are significant in the relationship of Nathan and Sara. While he relives all his lovely moments with his wife, the two ladies try to burst his bubble.

Little do Stacey and Nathan know that this curious setup they are into will eventually lead them to a more curious thing that will bind them together into either getting stuck with each other or moving on with their respective lives.

With lives so stuck due to hearts that cannot move on, can a new love push them to let go?

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