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Man Without Gravity

Man Without Gravity

Alternate Titles: L'Uomo Senza Gravità

Drama | Italian | 110 minutes



Cast & Crew


Marco Bonfanti


Isabella Spinelli, Anna Godano


Marco Bonfanti, Giulio Carrieri


Elio Germano


On a stormy night, in a hospital on the outskirts of town, a child named Oscar floats away, lighter than a balloon, while being born. Is it a miracle, or a trick of nature? Whatever it is, his mother and grandmother run off with the child, keeping him hidden from view for many, many years. But wonder cannot be hidden for too long. The truth always comes to light, and the media from all over the world and the scientific community go mad: everyone wants to see Oscar, and to meet him, greet him, interview him, and study him. In short order, the man without gravity becomes an international star, but the miracle is soon transformed into a punishment. What Oscar would really like is to be like everyone else: normal. So he flees, seeking the love that might allow him to understand the exceptional nature of his gift.

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