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Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings

Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings

Action/Adventure, Family | English | 93 minutes


Fantastic Films International

Cast & Crew


Kevin Summerfield


Kevin Summerfield


Kimberly Gough


Erika Ann, Timothy Stultz, Ken Mitzkovitz


A young boy receives an ancient magical book that opens a mystical door into an enchanted kingdom where an adventure filled with warriors, elves, queens and sorcerers awaits. Once the young magician learns that an evil underworld king threatens the beautiful forest realm, Max must summon the courage and knowledge to help them survive. Join him on his magical adventure to a world where people and forests are one, kings and queens still rule, animals talk and mysterious villains haunt the shadows. Follow Max's journey as he transforms from a timid weakling to a skilled warrior and master of sorcery, returning to his own world after saving another with more confidence and wisdom than ever before.

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