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Mexican Gangster Venganza

Mexican Gangster Venganza

Alternate Titles: Mexican Gangster 2

Action/Adventure, Drama | English | 82 minutes


New York International Pictures

Cast & Crew


Damian Chapa


Cesar Trevino


Damian Chapa


Damian Chapa, Daniel Ramos, Jeff Caperton, Brandy Lopez, Julia Barrera, KeeKee Suki, Bert Lopez, Andrew Lee, Joe Lozano, Brian Anderson, Marvin Ritchie, Cesar Trevino



Based on a true story, Johnny Sun, played by Damian Chapa, whose father was Mexican and mother was of Irish descent, decides to go straight after a life of crime. After finding out there was no other way to survive and keep his family alive, Johnny returns to the other side. A cartel member sister gets kidnapped and Johnny Sun sees an opportunity to save her and bring her back safely. When Johnny Sun brings the woman back safely to Levi and his brother Moshe, Johnny Sun is rewarded a handsome sum of money from the cartel brothers. The CIA informs Johnny Sun about intercepted assassination plans of one cartel brother, utilizing divide and conquer tactics. Johnny is used as a pawn in the game until everyone realizes a pawn in the game can make a king fall.

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