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Monster Dad

Monster Dad

Animation, Childrens | English


All Rights Entertainment



The boy’s Dad works in the South Pole station. One day, Dad disappears in an accident. Due to the energy of the black hole, Dad becomes a monster who totally loses his memory but miraculously finds his way to Shanghai and encounters the boy. The two live a life together and become good friends. But memories come back to the monster in fragments, and he realizes the two should travel to the South Pole to find answers. During their adventure they will see wonderful animals in the sea, and lovely penguins. However, a monster octopus is causing disaster in the South Pole and threatening the whole earth. During a fight, the Dad suddenly recovers his memory. He wants to save his kid and all the animals in the South Pole even at the cost of sacrificing his own life. But all ends well, and Dad and his son go back home to their happy life in Shanghai.

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