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Morrison land riding out the storm

Morrison land riding out the storm

Alternate Titles: Morrison land

Drama, Faith, Family, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, True Story | English | 90 minutes


Morrison Land Joint Venture

Cast & Crew


Floyd Bocox


Cliff Morrison, Lisa Walsh, Matthew Mellon, Alan Graham, Michael Franzese, Billy Wirth, Kurt Cobain, Nicole Brando, Lorraine Widen



Who is Cliff Morrison, the love child of his mother Lorraine and the rock god Jim Morrison of the Doors.

Why have so many individuals believed in Cliff's Morrison's paternity after meeting him or hearing him perform as an artist. His voice sounds like Jim and his poerty is uncanny with his lyrics and gestures with long red hair even have a resemblence of Jim and Pamala together.

His mother Lorraine tells Cliff in his later years that his father is Jim Morrison and then Cliff transforms himself into musical fame and self-destruction. Cliff attracts attention and support from Jim's brother-in-law Alan Graham, tours in Europe with ex-Mafia boss Michael Franzese, and writes songs with Carnegie -Mellon scion Matthew Mellon. Waylon Krieger, Door's quitarist Robbie Krieger's son, join's Cliff's band the lizard sun band.

Cliff marries Marlon Brando's niece and after their divorce Cliff seduces a married mother of two children, Lisa Walsh and has a child from her and named her after Jim's mother Clara Morrison.

This story has many aspects from a murder mystery, beytrayal, kidnapping, love story gone bad, destruction of a family, prison life, action with a few police incounters, drugs, drama, who posined Lisa to take her baby from her.

The Synopsis that I have has so much content that this would take a lot of pages to fulfill.

Thank you,

Floyd Bocox.

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