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AFM 2019 Screening Schedule

AMC Santa Monica 5
Nov. 8 - 9:00 am


Thriller | English | 111 minutes


WestEnd Films

Cast & Crew


Gerard Johnson


Matthew James Wilkinson, Ed Barratt, Richard Wylie, Eric Tavitian, Fred Fiore


Gerard Johnson


Cavan Clerkin, Craig Fairbrass



Simon isn’t living the life he wants. He’s tired of his dead-end job at a call centre – and he isn’t even any good at it. He and his girlfriend are painfully drifting apart. He’s sick of his pudgy body and his life. It’s time to make a change and hit the gym.

His inexperience, timid nature, and soft body stick out in this run-down gym full of Schwarzeneggers. Immediately, he draws the attention of an intimidating personal trainer named Terry who offers to coach him. Terry’s criminal past, impulse to humiliate, and aggressive style all concern Simon – but he swiftly sees results and finally feels alive.

All too quickly though, Simon’s life spins out of control after his girlfriend leaves him and Terry becomes his boss, friend, and roommate. Simon suddenly finds himself trapped, stuck in a self-destructive spiral, as every aspect of his life now dangerously rests in Terry’s big, tough hands...

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