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Action/Adventure, Animation | English


GFM Animation

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Ten year old Tsar Peter's position is being challenged by his sister Sophia and her ally, an evil magician. Struggling to keep in control, Peter sends his trusted friend, a wise bear called General Grigori, to Versailles to meet Louis XIV in order to keep the peace.

Grigori's daughter, Dashen'ka, has ambitions of becoming a great magician just like her late mother, much to the dismay of her father who fears the harm it will bring. But Dashen'ka is headstrong & determined, and refuses to listen. Disobeying him, she stows away alongside her father on his trip, set on discovering a lost magical relic which she believes will bring peace to the home she loves.

Grigori has his own secret, a mission supported by Peter; he plans to find his old friends Lefort (a Swiss cat) and Gordon (a Scottish dog) to once again form a great musketeers guard that will defend the young king.

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