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My Life Over The Top

My Life Over The Top

Documentary, Urban | English | 83 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Curtis Elerson


Curtis Elerson, Ben Gillespie, Virgil Fairley


Curtis Elerson, Ben Gillespie


Omar Gooding, Divine Brown, Kevin Black, Filmore Slim



A Hustler is an enterprising individual who is determined to succeed by any means necessary. A Hustler is a Go-Getter, with more ambition and a more serious approach to the game than a “gangsta”. If you search the word Hustler, Ray Virgil Fairley should be the first result you find.

“My Life Over the Top” is the real rags-to-riches story of a self-made Kingpin turned Boss Pimp. From selling pots and pans for pennies, to moving kilos of drugs and pimping high-class prostitutes, Virgil defined what it meant to be a Hustler. This documentary depicts everything from the times he was living on top of the world with millions of dollars to the times he was sent to prison and had it all taken away.

This is the success story of a man who, against all odds, was able to overcome the dangerous challenges of street life and the penitentiary.

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