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Documentary | English | 100 minutes


Red Bull Media House


The name Robby Naish is synonymous with extreme water action sports. From humble beginnings, Naish has become an internationally known commodity, recognized as the face of three separate action sports - windsurfing, stand-up paddleboard surfing and kitesurfing.

Now in his early fifties, Robby Naish is a man who continues to compete and win well past what some may consider his heyday. As a true sportsman, businessman and iconoclast, continuing to innovate and overcome challenges, it is this lifelong quest to master all obstacles and carve up the wind and waves that has led Naish to his latest historic undertaking: surfing the world’s longest wave on a stand-up paddleboard at the age of 53.

An adventure on a global scale packed with physical action, fascinating cultures and incredible natural phenomena, this undertaking is not just an opportunity to showcase Naish’s physical skills and surfing talent but also a chance to really get to know the legend and the life he leads.

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