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Never Die Young

Never Die Young

Biography, Drama, True Story | French | 70 minutes



Cast & Crew


Pol Cruchten


Jeanne Geiben


Pol Cruchten, Christopher Hampton


Robinson Stevenin, Laurence Cote


“Yesterday's just a memory, tomorrow is never what it's supposed to be.” (Bob Dylan)

Tomorrow doesn’t matter when you’re young. This is what Guido thought when he was a boy of 15 years and fearless. He fell in love for the first time with a predator called Heroin. It almost killed him ... twice. From then on his, life was driven by his addiction: illicit dealing, running away from the police, painful periods of rehab and an everyday craving for drugs that made him do the craziest things. One day, while trying to get away from the police, he jumps off a courthouse balcony and finishes up paralyzed for the rest of his life. Marked for life but still insatiable, he just can’t turn his back on drugs. Heroin is like an orgasm, only 100 times better. So he continues along this dark and dangerous path…

This feature-length poetic drama with an English-language adaptation by Christopher Hampton (Dangerous Liaisons) of Guido´s poetic narration and brought to life by director Pol Cruchten (Wedding Night), seems like a dialogue between the addict and the drug, though embedded in beautiful cinematography. The contrast between the narration, the originality of the perception and the breathtaking images by DoP Jerzy Palacz (Shirley) will not only shock those who have no experience of drugs.

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