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Obsessed to Death

Obsessed to Death

Thriller | English | 89 minutes


MarVista Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Stefan Brogren


Shane Boucher, Caitlin Delaney


Rowan Wheeler


Holland Roden, Kathryn Kohut, Jesse Reynolds, Colton Royce


After Cassie (Holland Roden) is ghosted by Austin (Colton Royce) for beloved cycling instructor Summer (Kathryn Kohut), Cassie becomes fixated on Summer, who is everything she is not: glamorous and inspirational to all of her devotees at fitness company Levitate 360. Cassie is drawn to Summer’s magnetic personality and worms her way into becoming Summer’s best friend by signing up for her fitness challenge. The closer Cassie gets to Summer, the more she takes on all of Summer’s characteristics, reinventing herself spin class by spin class and lie by lie. But as Summer’s fellow Levitate cyclist and friend Gage (Jesse Reynolds) starts to notice something is something off with Cassie, her obsession with Summer turns violent. Emboldened by her newfound popularity, Cassie will do anything to have Summer and her lifestyle for herself.

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