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Of Faith & Glory

Of Faith & Glory

Faith | English | 110 minutes


Atlantic & Pacific Studios LLC

Cast & Crew


Grits Carter



Two men, one oath to protect and defend, their faith proves that iron sharpens iron. Wayne is an Army vet with PTSD. Paul, local police officer, has his own emotionally traumatic event on duty and shows beginnings of PTSD. By happenstance the two cross paths when Wayne's PTSD results in him being recluse, anti-social, drunk and on drugs. Through a series of events the two discover something in common with each other. One day while Paul is trying to help Wayne overcome the fear of being outside of his home, Wayne suffers a medical event putting him in critical condition in the hospital. The web of friends connected to Wayne and Paul rally through prayer and vigil to see Wayne healed. After Wayne's condition worsens to grave, everyone comes to say their good-byes. One unsuspecting person pays a visit to Wayne and through child-like faith something powerful happens that affects everyone in the group. Truth finds it way into both men's lives, it takes a family to discover it.

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