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On The Radio

On The Radio

Urban | English | 107 minutes


Imani Media Group

Cast & Crew


Jasmine Carmichael, Michael Beach, Macy Gray, Sierra Collins, London Brown, Malcolm David Kelley


ON THE RADIO is a sexy, suspense -- driven drama set at a fictional Hollywood radio station. Our story centers around talk radio host, Dominique The Dame, portrayed flawlessly by Jasmine Carmichael. She's a street smart, Stanford graduate who talks rapidly with razor-sharp wits and, at all times, knows from where in which she speaks. While humorous, sarcastic and sometimes harsh, Dominique the Dame brings to the forefront America's contemporary views on race, sex, drugs, religion and technology through her listeners who call into her show "Real Talk." The radio program takes on a greater meaning when Dame mobilizes her listeners in a race against time to save the life of a pregnant teenager.

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