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On the Trail of Americana Music

On the Trail of Americana Music

Alternate Titles: Roots, Rock, Rebound

Documentary | English | 60 minutes


Brumby Media Group

Cast & Crew


Cheryl Robson


Steve Robson


Yola Carter, Kasey Chambers, Paul Kelly, Bob Harris, Jed Hilly, Dave Cobb, Michael Chugg, Valerie June, Margo Price, Brent Cobb, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Lily Hiatt, Troy Cassar-Daley, Emily Barker, Danni Nichols



A feature documentary which explores the rise of roots rock music across three continents. From the outback of Australia and Melbourne's Americana Music Awards to Nashville's AmericanaFest and London's Ealing BluesFest, musicians and singers provide an insight into their performing lives and the impact of the lockdown on both their health and finances. Interviews before during and after the pandemic and many live music gigs featuring musicians in Australia, US and UK with luminaries such as tv presenter Bob Harris, Head of the AMA, Jed Hilly, ace music producer Dave Cobb and top music promoter Michael Chugg. Interviews and performances from dozens of award-winning artists including: Yola, Valerie June, Paul Kelly, Kasey Chambers, Lily Hiatt, Brent Cobb, Margo Price and more, this is a welcome treat for music fans who have been missing live music and want to get back to the festival scene.

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