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Operation Budapest

Operation Budapest

Documentary | Hungarian, Italian | 50 minutes


Firmament Pictures S.r.l.

Cast & Crew


Gilberto Martinelli


Gika Productions


Gilberto Martinelli, Anna Nagy



Sunday, November 5, 1983, Hungary was under a communist regime. A band of five Italians and two Hungarians, at the request of an alleged greek, raids the Gallery of the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, stealing seven paintings of Italian Renaissance. For Hungary this event, at first unimaginable, means a traumatic encounter with the international art trade and national security issues, disturbing both the public and the press. Even the international press, in fact, calls this case "the theft of the century". After a daring escape, thanks to a meticulous and synergic investigation, given the unique international collaboration, the paintings are found again. The authors of the theft are captured and condemned with unprecedented speed in both Italian and Hungarian legal history. These notoriously curious details, 35 years later, take shape in a structure of knots and knits that make up a network of enormous interest and complexity that penetrates the depths of crime, intelligence and European politics

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