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Petting Pineapples

Petting Pineapples

Alternate Titles: Estou de Férias, e daí?

Family | English, Portuguese, Spanish


Latin American Training Center

Cast & Crew


Kate Lyra


Petting Pineapples is a family comedy set in Rio de Janeiro and features a core group of nine-year-olds, three animated creatures, a couple of grandparents and their shared dilemmas. Similar to Rio, the Movie, Pineapples offers a tri-lingual, bi-cultural environment.

At age nine, Anna is already learning that in order to live in today´s multi-lingual, multi-platform world, she will need to be able to communicate on many different levels and in many different ways!

When nine-year-old Anna learns that she and her mom are moving to Brazil, she is excited! Overnight, she is the “star” of her 6th grade class. Everyone is envious. Well, except for Jessica who can only say “Brazil? Right. That’s where all the boa constrictors go.…”

Anna still feels pretty much like a star when she starts class at her new school in Rio de Janeiro– after all, she speaks better English than any of her classmates. But most of her classes are taught in Portuguese! Like adapting to a new school, new classmates and a new country aren’t already hard enough, she has to do it all in another language! What a nightmare! Literally. So it’s a real relief when she wakes up and discovers that she´s still in Rio … but at least she´s on vacation! Yay! No more homework, lessons, nothing to do…wait a minute…NOTHING? It gets worse. ALL her Brazilian friends have things to do, but she was not included.

Pursued by a trio of irritating characters from inside her closet – Angry Adam, Gwendolyn Guilt and Bored Bob – Anna curbs her temper, ropes in her grandfather, and, with her mom´s old doll in toe, rounds up her gang of bi-lingual friends for an adventurous vacation journey.

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