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Comedy, Romance, Supernatural Thriller | English | 120 minutes


ESA Pictures Ltd

Cast & Crew


Zah Ahmad


Anthony Head, Luke Anthony, Heather Nicols



Pinky is a supernatural comedy romance about energy vampires and energy readers.

When Pinky discovers that he has the power to read the energy of others, he starts to see people for who they truly are. Which makes life, love and relationships a whole lot more interesting.

From here the plot thickens, as we travel across space and time from contemporary 21st Century London to 18th Century rural England were Pinky explores a past lifetime which had far reaching consequences for both himself and others in his life.

From this roller coaster perspective, we explore the human experience with new eyes as we’re invited to confront lust, fear and our own inner demons – as well as what probably scares us most: relationships!

As well as making you wheeze with laughter, this story will shine a light on the human condition, and inspire audiences with it’s fresh and original perspective.

See sample scene at (password: Pinkythemovie )

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