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| English | 85 minutes


Summer Hill Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Emily Aguilar


Emily Aguilar, Faith DeVeaux, Katherine Smith


Emily Aguilar


Madeleine Murphy, Ashna Sharan, Jason Book



When a family had nowhere to turn, desperate times call for desperate measures. A bloodthirsty blood monster awaits those who step inside the blood-ridden home.

There is no telling whom the pipe monster will feed on next. As renters keep arriving to the home, the Wechsler Residence draws in new visitors as bait.

The film starts out with a young woman, Olivia (Elizabeth Cascarelli), renting out a room in what looks like a lovely home. The homeowners seem hospitable in showing her the laundry room and giving her space.
She is in the kitchen doing her work when all of a sudden; she feels a presence in the room. Little does she know a monster is watching her within the pipes. Hertimer goes off and she heads to the laundry room where again, she feels a strange presence. As she reaches in the washer for the clothes, something grabs her and she is pulled in. Blood and screams fill the washer. Soon after, the homeowners return, pleased that the monster has eaten her and not them.

The story continues two weeks later as a new group of college kids get ready for a music festival out in the middle of nowhere. The group of seven all head out to thehome they have rented out for their festival activities. Members begin to feel eerie and suspicious as they get situated and accustomed to the home.

Fear, blood and death stymie their plans.

Will they ever be able to escape the darkness within the pipes?

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