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Red Venom

Red Venom

| | 82 minutes


Acort International


The story propels the audience into a disco drive-in theatre time warp, and pays homage to 70’s grindhouse movies and cheap comic trash. The picture contains delectable images of wicked beauty, naughty hookers, hot action, and colorful gritty suspense. The protagonist is a young, slinky hooker named Krystal aka Scarlet Silk who enjoys skipping school to piss her mother off, and hook during the day and night. While playing the dangerous game of hooking in such a corrupt city, naive naughty Krystal soon almost loses her life by crossing into an uninvited neighborhood and is attacked by several thugs. Meanwhile, a deadly experienced dirty hooker named Dark Widow is climbing up the underworld ladder quickly, and starts to take control of the badlands of the city. After being stabbed several times, Krystal convinces herself that death is near, and begins to die until she hears voices from her recently deceased mother. The voices instruct her to go to the cellar and search for a forbidden crate which her mother acquired from the Amazon jungle by a mysterious figure. As Krystal struggles to her destiny, she notices the crate contains two mystical bottles of red venom; one that heals, and the other that kills. A note is also included instructing her to visit the Amazon, and search for an angelic Medicine Man who will train Krystal how to defend herself, and use the deadly venom appropriately against her deadliest foes. As Krystal returns from the Amazon, she begins to transcend herself and transforms her alter-ego into the deadliest predator of the jungle. She kills the corrupt one-by-one by injecting her lethal poison, as they die almost instantly. Simultaneously, a middle-aged married cop stalks Krystal during her vigilante killings, and becomes obsessed by her power and beauty. As Krystal begins to climb her way to the top as the underdog Red Venom, she learns a dark secret about her parents murder, and who the real killer is. The resiliency and fury of Red Venom finally leads her to Dark Widow’s lair where she stumbles immediately on the power of her dark nemesis. Red Venom’s fate is tested immensely, being captured and tortured to the utmost extreme. As the story unfolds, the cop tries to save Krystal from Dark Widow during the climax, but is astonished by the outcome which almost ends his life. Red Venom is deliciously sexy, exploitative, intense, comedic, and contains a hot disco soundtrack. For the first time, it’s grindhouse meets sexy superheroine.

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