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Sea of Mirrors

Sea of Mirrors

Drama | Chinese, English, Japanese


Entertaining Power Company Limited

Cast & Crew


Thomas Lim


Toru Uchikado, Kieko Suzuki, Jay Lim, Sally Victoria Benson, Kendra Munger


Japanese actor Nat (starring Toru Uchikado) arrives in Los Angeles to invite former famous Hollywood actress Isabel to act in his new film: about the true story of faded Japanese actress Riri (starring Kieko Suzuki) who went to Macau to meet a middle aged male fan who promises to make her famous again.

However, Riri’s refusal to give in to sexual demands from the fan leads to her child Nana kidnapped. Desperate and helpless, Riri seeks help from Isabel who was in Macau during that time. As the present day Isabel fills in the missing story pieces for Nat, he is forced to examine his own past and confront some dark truths in order to solve the mystery of Nana’s kidnap.

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