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Search For The Deadliest Rokstaar (Pilot)

Search For The Deadliest Rokstaar (Pilot)

Comedy | English | 40 minutes


Precision Action Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Egypt Reale


Dean Anderson, Steven Mihaljevich, Egypt Reale, Tim Lucas


Everyone wants to be a rock star, but not everyone gets the chance. Sneaky Steev, a Reality show host wannabe with a passion for the limelight, realizes his career has hit rock bottom. In the midst of his hunger to succeed he has an epiphany. Why not ride the coat-tails of five undiscovered hopeful stars with enough delusion about thier ability to succeed in the music industry to what he predicts will be fortune and glory. Search For The Dealiest Rokstaar is a mockumentary that encourages it's "audience" to follow and barrak for their favorite contestant to the very end, whilst being sucked into each contestants lives and delusions of grandeur. Welcome to the world of indescribable talent.

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