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Horror, Psycho-Drama, Supernatural Thriller | English


Zephyr Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Kevin Ramlal


Logline: When students start disappearing in rapid succession, Kenneth and his friends must confront their high school's dark history to save their classmates.

Synopsis: After losing his parents in a drunk driving incident at a young age, Kenneth Nguyen didn’t really get a childhood. He always had to take care of himself, and now high school nears its end, he’s ready to be as far away from his past as possible. Unfortunately, as Prom approaches, the school principal, Mr. Moody announces the annual Shattered Dreams event - a drunk driving simulation held by the faculty in an effort to curb the risk of students drinking & driving.

Accompanied by a few friends, Kenneth skips the assembly that is the focal point of the day-long simulation. However, during this assembly, students begin disappearing all over campus. Some vanish into thin air, others are pulled out of class by a strange hooded figure. In the wake of the disappearances, Mr. Moody locks down the school until the situation is resolved.

Kenneth, unsure if this is still apart of the simulation, desperately tries to break out of the school and find out what’s really going on. As he searches for a way out, he must also navigate an increasingly terrified student body that is losing grip on reality.

Once he finally breaks out of the school, Kenneth finds Mr. Moody crucified at the top of the school’s flag pole. Shocked, Kenneth ventures back into the school to search for the missing students and uncover the truth behind the Shattered Dreams event... and his parents’ death.

Status: In Development, additional materials available upon request.

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