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I Can Quit Whenever I Want Ad Honorem

I Can Quit Whenever I Want Ad Honorem

Alternate Titles: Smetto Quando Voglio Ad Honorem

Comedy | Italian | 100 minutes


Fandango SpA

Cast & Crew


Sydney Sibilia


Domenico Procacci


Sydney Sibilia


Edoardo Leo


Pietro Zinni is in jail once again, and this time he has the whole gang in there with him, forcing them to plan the ultimate escape in order to complete the toughest job yet. The objective is no longer a hunt for smart-drugs in this third and final chapter of the "I Can quit Whenever I Want" saga: now the enemy is Walter Mercurio, another former university researcher who executed a massacre by releasing nerve gas during an important award ceremony at the university. Now the gang has no one to count on but themselves: these researchers will have to go against everything and everyone if they want to complete this last mission which is bound to be the greatest one of all.

After all, every saga has an ending!

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