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Song of the Fly

Song of the Fly

Drama | English | 87 minutes


The Sedge Group

Cast & Crew


Michele Pagano


Rino Piccolo, Michael Sedge


Jay Paul Bullard, Luca Cerbone



Steven, a man in his sixties, has is life devastated by a stroke. Surely his was an ordinary life made of work, family and love. The only element he had diverted to normality up to that point had been the death of his wife.
Steven begins to isolate himself more and more and begins to live his life in the small bedroom with bathroom.
His daughter, Lizzie, assists him in every free moment of the day, trying to shake him and make him regain his happiness.
Her presence is constant, at times suffocating, and her good intentions are not read as such by Steven who prefers to have a world of his own rather than continue to live his life as a paralytic.
An apparent calm chaos destined to erupt upon entering of Luka in the house. A young boy, perhaps too young, introverted and silent. His role is to take care of Steven during the night, taking over from the housekeeper.
Luka immediately shows himself to be an impeccable worker, trying to do his best to carry out his duties.
Steven is attracted by his silences and his "not annoying" way of working. In total contrast with Lezzie.
Steven's interest increases day by day, as does Luka's attention to his "master". Between the two begins to establish a particular alchemy that will lead Steven himself to dismiss his housekeeper and to spend all his days with the boy.
The background to this constant growth of relationships is a heavy economic crisis experienced by Steven. The house is auctioned and sold by a young couple. The two new owners meet Steven more than once, gently inviting him to leave the house, which is no longer his property. Steven resists, despite the start of the renovations and the rubble that falls repeatedly during the days. Luka and Steven transform that small bedroom with bathroom into their miniature apartment.
Lezzie, unaware of all this, fears that the young caregiver is generating plagiarism to her father with the intent of cutting the rest of the world out of her life. What actually happens is the exact opposite. Steven, projected to live in his comfort zone, totally alienating himself as an individual within society, slowly leads the boy to make the same choices as him. The turning point in the situation will take place after a second stroke by Steven that will make him almost totally paralyzed and helpless in Luka's hands.
There is now no escape for the two. Their refuge is no longer safe. It is not possible to live long without electricity and without water. The only solution for not leaving the room, which inevitably coincides with separating, will be the most extreme one, which will allow him to stay together, despite everything "forever!"

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