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Action/Adventure | Chinese


Entertaining Power Company Limited

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Sunny WANG, Rexen CHENG, Kang Sheng LEE, Lee Zen LEE, Andrew LIEN


Ocean is mysterious, it nurtures limitless of lives and hides millions of secrets. While human keep polluting it, they will eventually face the horrible counterattacks.

Kit is one of the rescue team members. During a rescue operation, a shadow comes from the deep sea and drags everyone into the sea. Kit is the only survivor and becomes decadent onwards.

Years later, Kit overcomes the aquaphobia symptom and on board a fish boat again. Out of his expectation, the other sailors still think he is the one to bring out the previous accident. Consequently, the sailor divides into two groups. And Kit is being pulled into their vortex because some people have conflicts with the Captain.

During the trip, they accidentally rescue Siu Ching from a sinking cruise, she becomes the ignition point on the boat full of young men.

More accidents keep on happening, some sailors are falling into the sea, and even caused death. Food and Water supply is damaged... Everyone is horrified. But in the dark, a creature is ready to cost more than troubles...

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