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Strangers in the City

Strangers in the City

Romance, Suspense | Japanese | 124 minutes


Toei Company, Ltd.

Cast & Crew


Junji Sakamoto


Mitsuru Kurosawa


Shoichi Maruyama


Toru Nakamura, Manami Konishi


Hatano, is a former teacher, who was driven out of his prestigious Tokyo prep school because of his scandalous relationship with one of the girls in his class. He had married his student, Masako, but soon divorced and moved back to his hometown, and is teaching in a cram school.
When one of his cram school students disappears, he traces her steps back to Tokyo. There, he uncovers the alarming fact that the school that kicked him out is now also somehow involved with the girl’s disappearance.
Trying to track down the real story, he visits a bar where he is reunited with Masako after 12 years. The couple try to make up for lost time. Before long, Hatano realizes that the prestigious school is desperately trying to cover up terrible secrets and knowing that it’s time for him to come to terms with his own past, takes off on a lonely fight...

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