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Childrens | English | 100 minutes


Canoe Film



“Director Trevor Hardy and his team show deft comic timing and seed amusing details throughout. . . Among the pile of animated entries for kids, “Strike” is something of a nugget.” - L.A. Times

A young mole with World Cup ambitions becomes an unlikely hero when he faces off against a greedy supervillain bent on taking over the local gold mine.

The time has come for Mungo Morrison, a young mole, to join his father at work in Diggington’s legendary gold mine. But while his best friends embrace their destiny and prepare for their first day, Mungo dreams of becoming a professional footballer. Only, he can’t bring himself to upset his exceedingly proud father . . . and it doesn’t help that as a mole, he’s unable to play football in bright light. Everything changes when the mine is forced to shut down after a mysterious accident. Enter “the boss”, an evil and goldobsessed supervillain who is determined to get his paws on the mine. As Mungo and his friends work to defend their home against pure greed, a viral video sets off a chain of events that ultimately shows what Mungo (with a little help from his whacky friends) is capable of. Get ready for an epic adventure of thrills, laughs, action and peril, as Mungo hurtles towards the World Cup football finals and ends up in a breath-taking showdown with 'The Boss’.

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