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Oliver Young


Michael Wormser


Richard Pierce


Suburbanoia - Horror Anthology Film

Suburbia, a place full of playgrounds, white picket fences, sunshine... and secrets.
After a lucrative promotion at work, Calvin Goodyear is finally able to afford his perfect home right in the suburbs. Before he can even finish unloading the moving truck, he meets his new neighbor, Maurice Littleton, a gruff but wise older man who invites him over for dinner. Maurice tells him three twisted tales from the dark heart of the suburbs:

The Pizza Man, a Suburban legend about a killer pizza delivery guy - can't be real, but Heather and her friends are going to find out if this pizza shop’s guarantee is the real deal, “30 minutes, or you’re dead”!

Dolls, a routine visit to grandmas reveals that something strange may be going on behind its mothball scented wall. Is someone else hiding in the house, or are the dolls moving themselves…

Scream House, a home improvement reality show that rehabilitates haunted houses has taken over the old house at the end of the street. With all the creatures in the walls, this is going to make for an epic final season.

In Suburbanoia, everyone is watching. Welcome to the neighborhood.

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