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Swipe Fever

Swipe Fever

Romantic Comedy | English | 100 minutes


Access Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Nathan Neuman


Matthew Critchfield, Mark Forstater, Nathan Neuman, Jon Stahl


Sam Jordan Dudeck, Nathan Neuman


Fin MacMillan, Tessa Bonham Jones



It's hard to find love in the age of tinder and filtered pictures. Valentine hopelessly attempts to find "the one" amidst the "hook up" culture of meaningless one night stands & superficial relationships on social media. Val's awkward disposition and lack of flirting skills, means that when he matches with Drew, an edgy actress, he doesn't know how to respond.Unfortunately the only person who can help him is his fuccboi roommate, John who knows nothing about women.
Valentine Davidson struggles to find love amidst the "hook-up" culture of meaningless one-night stands, superficial relationships of social media, and a general ineptitude in flirting and fitting in. Despite living in liberated times, when people are free to finally be themselves, many choose to be fake, especially when it comes to dating apps and social media. Val becomes determined to find real love at first swipe. This leads Drew, an aspiring actress, to bolt into Val's life with the gift of true love, unbeknownst to Val and seemingly, herself.

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