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Taste of Body

Taste of Body

: 身体的滋味, Shen Ti De Zi Wei

Documentary | Chinese, English | 60 minutes


China Film Promotion Int'l

Cast & Crew


Michele Wang


Michele Wang


Michele Wang


Tere O?Connor, Yanjinzi Gao


As the first China America Co production documentary film on modern dance in China, TASTE OF BODY is about Chinese American modern dance concepts exchanged. It deeply explores how Gao Yanjinzi, a well-known Chinese choreographer, created her latest piece “Offering ” and performed successfully worldwide. Meanwhile, it also sharply observes how Tere O’Connor, a well known American choreographer, did his experimental workshop with young Chinese dancers with his unique choreography method “improvisation ”, in his first visit to China. The two story lines run parallel. Different from the rest of the trilogy, including “Modern Dance In China”, which talks about “Modern dancers’ life” and “Chinese Modern dance Development”, Taste Of Body is mainly about “choreography concepts ” as the first part of the trilogy.

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