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The Art of Fake

The Art of Fake

Documentary | English | 80 minutes


9 Muse Srl

Cast & Crew


Domenico Zazzara, Francesco Pecini


Emiliano Galigani, Federica Moretti



A journey into the tribute band phenomenon, through the eyes and voices of artists, fans, some of the most “cloned” rock stars. A story between passion and business, obsessive professionalism, and parasitism. All in the name of Rock, a true divinity to be evoked, worshipped, and staged.

Tribute bands have been an integral part of the world of pop music in the last thirty years, one of the manifestations of a "retromania" that pervades the musical and artistic production of a very specific generation, the one born between the mid-seventies and the end of the 80s.

The tribute act also embodies the nostalgia for an atmosphere. Recreating the sound and visual impact of a great Seventies band also means taking a journey through time, diving into an era to which the viewer somehow feels they belong.

Then there are the artists, the clones. Among those who perform in the tribute bands, there are very different personalities, guided by the most disparate motivations: from the professional musician who manages in this way to make a living from their work (as tribute shows often ensure a consistent number of dates) to the ones driven by pure gratification of being able to recreate live the songs they grew up listening to and which marked their musical formation; up to even those who identify with their idols even in private life.

Finally, the point of view of some of the most “tributed” artists, such as Peter Gabriel, Sting or, on the Italian territory, Vasco Rossi. The very word "Tribute" already conveys the sense of a gratitude, of a veneration. What is this veneration for them? What does it mean to be so loved that you want to be studied, imitated, analyzed?

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