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The Art of Sinking

The Art of Sinking

Alternate Titles: L'Arte del Naufragare

Comedy, Drama, Romantic Comedy | Italian | 100 minutes


9 Muse Srl

Cast & Crew


Emiliano Galigani


Federica Moretti


Italy, March 2020. Dario, a big data analyst, is forced to return to his maternal home, due to the sudden death of his mother, whom he has not seen for years and with whom he does not cultivate good relations. His plans are to organize the funeral, put the house up for sale, and return to his life in a foreign city. But a tenant (Victoria), lover of his mother, and the sudden lockdown complicate his prospects, leading him to discover things about himself that he never imagined.

The film, set during the 2020 lockdown, is not a story about the pandemic, but uses that context to place the two protagonists in a situation in which we have all unexpectedly lived, of which we have a "collective memory", that slowly teaches them something about who they really are, how they are and how they were before and perhaps never will be tomorrow. The time bubble that develops over the course of the film changes them profoundly.

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