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The Basement Man

The Basement Man

Alternate Titles: Wa-Ajunka

Horror | English


XVIII Entertainment

Cast & Crew


John Rogers


Eric Gable, Sabrina Morris



Kelli reluctantly gives her husband Rhett a second chance after an adulterous affair. In search of a fresh start, the couple and their two children move to a fixer-upper in a new town.

But, soon after moving in, Kelli’s plagued by nightmares of a dark creature, as well as strange occurrences around the house.

When Rhett finds an ancient arrowhead medallion in a chamber behind the basement wall it seems this place has a history. Driven by his optimism for a new beginning Rhett has the medallion/charm made into a necklace for his wife.

But, Kelli is further creeped out when her daughter claims to be in contact with the ghost of a young girl who died in the house years ago. Kelli’s paranoia escalates more when the ghost moves a tricycle right before her eyes.

Rhett comes home to find his wife freaked out but is too exhausted from work to give it too much attention.

Things only get creepier when Sarah (the ghost) warns their daughter that “The Basement Man” is waking up.

Amid the demands of his new job and the claims of strange occurrences at home, Rhett does his best to patch things up with his family. He also promises to move them again if creepy events get any worse, but Kelli resolves to stick it out and capture proof of the paranormal on camera.

However, the family’s determination is soon challenged when Kelli ends up in the hospital after an encounter with an invisible force. Was this The Basement Man?

Kelli suffers only a minor concussion and is able to return home, but tensions are high and the family talks about moving again.

After doing some research, Kelli discovers their home does in fact have a grisly past: Sarah, her brother and uncle all died here under mysterious circumstances.

Kelli also discovers that the native Americans who once lived on this land claimed to be terrorized by a demonic creature — who they believed guarded a gateway to hell. She’s told all this by a stranger who approaches her and the kids at the pizza parlor after spotting her charm necklace. The stranger tells her the necklace is an amulet to guard against dark spirits, and also impresses upon her the power of love and forgiveness in overcoming evil.

During this time Rhett finally has his own encounter with Sarah, the ghost, and there’s no doubt as to the legitimacy of Kelli’s claims.

Further warnings about “The Basement Man” convince Rhett they need to move.

However, before they can plan their exit, “The Basement Man” fully awakens and rampages through the house. Now there can be no doubt as to his identity. The Basement Man is none other than the ancient demon who was entombed on this very site.

During the final conflict, Sarah (the ghost) does her best to help the trapped family escape the demon, but Rhett falls victim and appear to be dying as the children are dragged screaming down into the basement.

Kelli has to leave her wounded husband behind in an attempt to save the kids. Without concern for her own safety, Kelli charges into the basement to save them.

Barely conscious on the living room floor, Rhett witnesses the return of Gene, Sarah‘s ghostly brother, who brought with him the ancient medicine-man who originally entombed the demon.

Meanwhile, in the basement, Kelli is losing her battle with the creature, who slashes her shoulder and attempts to use her blood to free itself. However, just then, Rhett, possessed by the medicine-man, uses the talisman and ancient chanting to pin the creature down. But, the demon is too powerful and Rhett falters.

Remembering the words of the strange man from the pizza parlor, Kelli grabs ahold of her husband — pouring all her love and forgiveness into him. And, the children, rather than running away, do the same.

Through the effort of the entire family the demon is destroyed.

After getting patched up we find the family back in the house and being interviewed by ghost hunters, who are surprised they’ve decided not to move. Rhett tells them they’ve earned their place here. Kelli and the kids agree and even make unexpected jokes about the whole situation. The ghost hunters shake their heads at the family’s fierce optimism and decide to pack up — there’s no longer anything here for them and their equipment to find.

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