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The Big 3

The Big 3

Comedy, Documentary | English | 46 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Tye Banks


Bo Alambis, Ampston Hews, Brian Isley



Liquor House Comedy presents the Big 3 featuring stand up comedians Brian Isley (New York's Apollo Theater) Bo Alambis and Ampston Hews. None of these three comedians are a like. They all bring a unique style of stand up comedy that's excellently displayed on stage. Brian Isley jokes about his family and being a celebrity look alike. Bo Alambis jokes about being raised in the south and become a southern man. While Ampston Hews tells hilarious stories of about his college life, and what he's learned about women. Recorded at various comedy venues in Raleigh and Durham, NC. This Liquor House Comedy show was hosted by Dink (Ghettorauchi) Kearney and recorded in front of a live audience.

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