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The Birth Of Hip Hop

The Birth Of Hip Hop

Musical | English | 90 minutes


Atlantic & Pacific Studios LLC


The Gene Anderson Story




The Birth of Hip Hop is the true story of how one of music’s greatest unsung heroes, Gene

Anderson, helped deliver a genre defining sound to the world. Gene was an artist on the rise but,

following his divorce, the need to provide for his eight year old son put his back against a wall. It

was time for the starving artist to make a new path for himself and he found it on the business side

of the industry. Gene started a thriving record distribution company out of St. Louis, breaking

many hit records which laid the foundation for much of modern music today.

This is the story of how he and his multi cultured band of merry men started something called a

disco pool which ultimately led to breaking Records like Atomic Dog (GeorgeClinton), Flashlight

(Parliament), Burn Rubber (Gap Band), The Message (Melle Mel and the Furious 5), Skate

Bounce Rock Roll (Von Mason and Crew) and the record that would ultimately create a whole

cultural shift Rapper’s Delight (Sugar Hill Gang) .

Let’s shine the light on the history of Melle Mel and the furious five. Let’s hear the story of the man Let

who was the catalyst for the model that was created and used for many years, to create many

stars and many hit records that ultimately generated millions of dollars and changed the face of

music. Let’s go back, way back to the first rap concert at Kiel Auditorium in St Louis, co-promoted

by Gene Anderson after he was named representative for Sugar Hill Records which included the

gang. Let’s hear the stories that would directly and indirectly inspire record moguls like (JD,Diddy,

JayZ, Suge Knight, Master P). Let’s hear first hand from the source, how street teams and many

of the marketing methods they still used today were inspired from necessity and sheer will. Find of

out how going into a radio station with only one copy of The Message by Melle Mele got Gene’s

life threatened at gun point and how his never say die attitude, charisma and million dollar smile

got him out the back door riding away as he called out “high ho silver”. Let’s find out how the

business of show strongly resembled the wild wild west back in the day and how Gene Anderson

was right in the mix and on the ground floor of it all.

Gene has written and produced w/Willie Mitchel and Al Green in Memphis on songs like Take me

to the River, I Can’t Stand the Rain and so many others and truly had the gifts that could have

catapulted him to instant stardom. However, Gene ended up becoming the dark matter that made

stars shine. When forced to find stability and learn the business in order to survive, Gene began

to thrive. Who would have thought the skinny little kid who would become best friends with Sonny

Liston and Red Fox, the kid known for his show stopping dancing and musical gifts would be lucky

enough to start a movement that would later change the world. It’s been said luck favors the bold

and many hip hop and rap artists are grateful that Gene Anderson (AKA the Poo Poo Man) was and

bold enough to blaze an unprecedented trail that would ultimately include the birth of hip hop.

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