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The Bouquet

The Bouquet

Drama, Family | English


Studio City Pictures

Cast & Crew


Anne Wheeler


Jack Nasser, Joe Nasser


Kele McGlohon


Kristy Swanson, Michael Shanks, Danny Glover


Sisters TERRI and MANDY are both somewhat estranged from their mother BONNIE. When their father CECIL dies suddenly the girls return home to help their mother pick up the pieces of their declining florist shop. With Terri's marketing savvy and Mandy's knowledge of the local area they help her rebuild the business. Sparks fly between Terri and Bonnie’s employee SAM. However, family troubles re-emerge when Mandy feels she is being treated as an employee and takes off leaving them with not enough people to complete a big order. To make matters worse Terri is injured when a tree falls through the greenhouse during a thunderstorm. Sam takes care of her and urges her to make amends with her sister. Terri and Mandy make up and together they complete the order. Sam and Terri wind up together and Bonnie gives the business to Mandy.

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