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The Christmas Family 3 – and the Pixie Hotel

: The Christmas Family and the Magical Hotel, Familien Jul & Nissehotellet

Family | Danish | 91 minutes


Global Screen - a TELEPOOL brand

Cast & Crew


Carsten Rudolf


Thomas Lydholm


Carsten Rudolf


Pelle Falk Krusbæk, Flora Augusta


Twelve-year-old Hugo still loves elves, but is teased by his peers, so he decides to go against his emotions and force himself to grow up. But when the family is on Christmas vacation, he discovers that elves live in the hotel. Hugo tries to displace it and fights an inner battle not to help the elf girl Snow, who has lost her elf parents and lives alone with her siblings. Snow wants to go home to the land of the elves, but can not make the reindeer fly, because she has never learned magic. But the question is whether Hugo can be persuaded into yet another fairy tale…

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