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The Deadliest Lie

The Deadliest Lie

Thriller | English | 90 minutes


MarVista Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Ruth Du


Mitchell Altieri


Erica Tazel, Natasha Marc, Tanya Chisholm, Blue Kimble



Sam (Erica Tazel) is struggling to get the recognition she deserves at her law firm. When she decides to blow off steam with her friend, Kiki (Tanya Chisholm), Sam meets a handsome man on the dance floor. The two hit it off until the man becomes aggressive with Sam. Fearing the worst is about to happen, Sam is relieved when she’s rescued by a woman named Giselle (Natasha Marc). The two women form a fast friendship, with Giselle helping Sam secure high-profile client Jaden Turk (Blue Kimble). Sam believes she’s finally found her stride all thanks to Giselle, leaving Kiki feeling left out. But when Giselle places Sam in a compromising situation with Jaden, Sam distances herself from Giselle, especially when photos of her with Jaden are projected during a work presentation. As Sam’s life unravels, she suspects Giselle is to blame. Little does Sam know the real saboteur is none other than Kiki.

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