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The Doorman

The Doorman

Action/Adventure | English


DDI - Double Dutch International

Cast & Crew


Ryuhei Kitamura


Jason Moring, Harry Winer


Ruby Rose, Jean Reno


A heist to steal priceless art from decades ago; a prestigious building housing New York’s elite over countless years; and a doorman…unlike any other. From director, Ryuhei Kitamura of Midnight Meat Train comes DOORMAN, an action packed thriller featuring Ruby Rose as Ali Gorski, a highly decorated ex-military sergeant turned doorman of The Carrington. During Easter weekend, while all but few of the tenants are away and The Carrington is under renovations, a seedy plot to steal priceless artwork hidden deep within the walls of the building ensues. However, among the tenants that stayed behind for the holiday are Ali’s niece and nephew. Ali soon realizes that the only thing between them and the murderous thieves – is her.

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