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The Gaelic Curse

The Gaelic Curse

Comedy, Romance | English | 87 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Jack Conroy


Declan Reynolds, Brian Walsh, Adam Goodwin, Lynette Callaghan, Liz O'Sullivan



Gaelic Curse is a Romantic Irish Comedy to be shot in Ireland featuring an all Irish Cast and Crew. The story begins when the devil cursed two servants for accidentally killing a Gaelic `king with whom he had made a pact. This curse was handed down through every generation and which changes each time. The recipients of the Gaelic Curse are Bailey O Farrell and Limp O Reilly. The former suffers with a hump on his back and the latter has a limp, each with a life of its own. Bailey lives in L.A and Limp in a rural town in Ireland. Bailey finally comes to Ireland to find a way of breaking the curse. Through a series of comic events the pair try to rid themselves of the curse along with falling in love with two of the locals.

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